Anderson, Alaska

Anderson is the only incorporated community in the Denali Borough.   It’s founder, Arthur Anderson, arrived in the late 1950’s.  A few years later, Mr. Anderson began subdividing and selling his property.   On June 2, 1962 the town of Anderson was officially established.    Most of the lots sold to civilian workers from nearby Clear Air Force Station.   Anderson/Clear and Healy community members continue to work at this air station today, though in July 2021 is was rename to Clear Space Force Station.   You can learn about Clear Space Force Station here.

Anderson is located approximately 6 miles off of the George Parks Highway at mile 283.5.

Today, most visitors to Anderson come to camp at Anderson Riverside Park.   The park is a quiet and pretty campground with spacious sites and restroom facilities.   Anderson Riverside Park also has a community shooting range.   This a popular location for families to target practice and sight-in their scopes before hunting season.   There is also Nenana River access at the Park.   Local rafting enthusiast enjoy floating from Healy to Anderson on the Nenana River because this portion of the river has no rapids.   There are also many trails for recreational ATV use.   These trails begin near the town, so be sure to respect Federal and private property signs.

Anderson is the northern most community of the Denali Borough, with three hundred and sixty-seven residents in the 2020 Census.   Local services include a post office, library and DMV office.    Anderson School is a public K-12 school and is home to the Anderson Grizzlies.   This school also serves students who live in the unincorporated area of Clear.

Clear, Alaska

The community of Clear is located approximately 5 miles south of Anderson, along the George Parks Hwy.    Identifying when you are “in town” might be tricky.   The Clear area is a popular location for Alaskan’s during moose hunting season and vehicles and ATV will line the side of the roads during this time.

Clear is named for the Clear railroad station established in 1918, and lends its name the Clear Air Force Station as well.   The Clear Air Force Station is located between the communities of Anderson and Clear.


  • ATV riding
  • walking
  • floating the Nenana River
  • camping
  • target shooting