Camping in the Denali Borough

The Denali Borough is the gateway to Denali National Park.   The Denali Borough is located 250 miles north of Anchorage, and 110 miles south of Fairbanks.

We are thrilled to have you visit our home!   Camping is something Alaskan’s spend a lot of time doing in the summer months (and sometimes even in the winter).   We love that visitors want to camp too!   However, there are some things you need to know.

  • Land use:   Not all private land is marked.   Just because there isn’t a “no camping” or “no trespassing” sign visible, doesn’t mean that camping is permitted.   When in doubt, chose a new location!   Some areas, like the Denali Hwy, are on Alaska Native land and require a permit to be purchased.   Do your research.
  • Campgrounds:   There are private, state and federal campgrounds across Alaska and its National Parks.   While some of them may be first-come-first-serve, others accept reservations.   Depending on the location and time of year, campsites can book fast!   We do recommend securing reservations if there is some place you have your heart set on.
  • Safety:
    • Wildlife:   Make sure all food is stored in provided lockers or vehicles while camping.   Bear, fox, squirrels and ravens are just a few of the animals that will take advantage of food left unattended.
    • Campfires:   Please keep yourself appraised of fire status in the region you will be camping in.   Many times, there are burn restrictions due to winds or lack of rain.   When campfires are permitted, ALWAYS:
      • Ensure your fire is on bare ground and not vegetative matting
      • Completely enclose your campfire with a ring of rocks or a fire ring
      • Have adequate water supply to completely extinguish the fire
      • Ensure the fire pit is cool to the touch before departure

To view campgrounds in the Denali Borough, click here: