Carlo Creek, Alaska

The Carlo Creek of today grew from the homestead of the Stoepler family, begun in the late 1950’s.  The 12-acre original property grew to hold 10 cabins, which were handcrafted by the family.   Built out of predominately Alaskan black spruce, these cabins still retain the charm of the original homestead.   There is also a small lodge that has additional rooms.

Today, this area is home to a small group of locally owned tourism businesses that offer a variety of fine dining & lodging options.  It is a quick 15-minute drive to Denali National Park and other tourism services.  Staying in Carlo Creek offers a quiet, quality experience for those looking to experience Alaska on their own.
Sheep Shuttle offers service between Denali National Park and the Carlo Creek area.  All dining and lodging options within this area are within walking distance of each other.

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