Getting to the Denali Area

The Denali Borough is the gateway to Denali National Park.   The Denali Borough is located 250 miles north of Anchorage, and 110 miles south of Fairbanks.

There are many ways to arrive in the Denali Borough.   Each option offers unique opportunities, scenery and limitations.   There are two main airports in Alaska.   They are Ted Stevens International Airport (Anchorage, 250 miles and approximately 5 hours south) and Fairbanks International Airport (Fairbanks, 110 miles and approximately 2 hours north).

There is NO public transportation in the Denali Borough.   Some businesses do offer shuttle service to their guests.   However, depending on when you visit, how you arrive for your visit and where you stay, day-to-day logistics can be challenging.

  • TOUR GROUP* – If you are coming to Denali as part of a organized tour your transportation should be included.   You are all set!
  • TRAIN – This mode of travel offers amazing scenery, opportunity to view wildlife and a relaxed travel pace.   Schedules are plentiful during the summer months, but are limited during other seasons.   Train travel options can be found here.
  • MOTOR-COACH – Motor-coach service is available during summer months (from Anchorage only).   Contact The Park Connection for schedules and pricing.
  • RENTAL CAR – If you like having freedom, or plan to stay at an establishment without shuttle service, this is your best option!   Cars are available to rent at both airports, and there is also a local rental company who can coordinate local service.   Contact Keys to Denali car rental for schedules and pricing.
  • RV RENTAL – Renting an RV and having a relaxed schedule is also a great option!   Check out GoNorth Car & RV Rental for rental options from both Fairbanks & Anchorage.