Hiking ~
In and around Denali National Park

Hiking in and around Denali can be a leisurely stroll OR a challenging adventure.   
There is a trail for everyone!

Denali National Park Trails

A complete list of Denali National Park hiking trails can be found here.   Most of these trails can be accessed by the Denali Park free shuttle or private vehicle.   Please note that there are restrictions on pets, drones and overnight camping within the boundaries of Denali National Park.   Make sure you know these rules before you depart.   

Looking for guided hiking?

We know that not everyone is comfortable with hiking in Alaska by themselves.   There are local guided hiking options.   You can view them here.

Need gear?

Check out local outfitting store Denali Mountain Works for both rental equipment and gear purchases.   They carry maps, bear proof containers and odds and ends you may have forgotten as well.

There is also The Outpost – Three Bears Alaska, located in Healy.   They have a different selection of merchandise, that might prove handy as well.

Trails Outside Denali National Park 

There are many great local opportunities outside the boundaries of Denali National Park.   Why hike outside the park?  

  • Take your dog!   Most Denali National Park trails do not permit your 4-legged companions.   But there are still plenty of places to explore locally with them!
  • Some of the more challenging hikes are outside the park boundaries.
  • Often times these trails are not as crowded as trails inside the park.
  • You can’t tell the difference!   Many of the other fantastic hikes offer stunning views from ridgelines, valleys and creek beds.
  • Drones are not permitted inside Denali National Park.   If you’re looking to capture Alaskan footage, this might be a better option for you.

Visit our Google map for locations of trails outside Denali National Park*.   

*be aware, a few of these hikes start outside the Park boundaries and then enter DNP lands