How will you Discover Denali?

Activities in Denali offer everything from backcountry hiking to helicopter tours, and all sorts of adventures in between.   How you experience this amazing area depends on budget, your ability and your comfort zone.   Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and get a little dirty.   That often makes the adventure more fun!


There are many options for hiking both inside and outside Denali National Park.   
Please be aware of local weather conditions, trail closures and where dogs are permitted.

  • A list of trails inside Denali National Park can be found here.
  • Trails outside (or partial inside DNP) can be found here.
  • Please note, that the Denali Borough does not currently have street addresses, and many hiking locations are marked by GPS coordinates.

To explore additional areas contact  Traverse Alaska  or Alaska Exquisite Travel for unforgettable custom experiences with knowledgeable local guides.

Experienced hiker or backpackers, looking to explore on their own, should visit Denali Mountain Works.   They also offer gear rental, maps, backpacking meals and specific local information.


Experience Denali on a guided excursion to explore areas off the beaten path.   Traverse the spruce forest on a zipline, then afterwards snuggle a puppy at a local kennel.   Take a horseback tour through a poplar grove, while looking for moose.   Drive your own ATV through a local creek and later, play 9 holes of golf.   Ride a helicopter, then learn photography to capture the most of your trip.  Explore all of the different options available based on your desired level of activity.   Activities in Denali are usually offered on a halfway basis, but if you’re looking for something more substantial, give us a call for personalized recommendations.

No activity level restrictions.  Anyone, 0 – 100 can participate!

Active. Lace up your hiking boots and go!

Both. Our services can cater to those who are looking for
adventure actively or leisurely.