map of area

There are many options for lodging when visiting Denali.  This map shows the distance between Denali Borough communities (where the majority of the accommodations are located) and Denali National Park.   Driving in Alaska is more sightseeing than traffic, and a short commute from a neighboring town can actually add to your experience.   You just might see a moose, but you will see something that will make you want to stop and take a picture.
Accommodations vary from small cabins with no water, to suites with all the amenities and everything in between.

There are also lodging options with the boundaries of Denali National Park.   These are more remote as they are all near the end of the 92 mile road, but they offer an experience like no other.

Your ideal lodging can be found by answering:

  • what is your budget?
  • how long do you plan to visit?
  • what size group you are traveling with?
  • what is your level of adventure?
  • do you have personal transportation?
  • what amenities are needed?

Please click the links below to see the lodging offered in each community.

Where should I stay?