Discover Denali Visitor Center is proud to support the Denali Zero-Landfill Project

We share #DontFeedTheLandfills message with our members, visitors and the Denali community.  

It’s easy to help reduce waste by choosing reusable bags, water bottles and coffee mugs.   Find more tips and info about local recycling resources here.

Each summer, more than half a million people visit Denali National Park and Preserve and they leave behind more than footprints. Large amounts of trash are generated during the tourism season, creating unique challenges for park managers and nearby communities.

The Zero-Landfill Project was created to help national parks find better ways to reduce waste and manage it more efficiently. Together with Subaru of America, the National Parks Conservation Association, youth ZLI ambassadors’, local businesses and residents, park partners are investing in sustainable solutions and helping preserve resources.

In 2017, 24% less waste was sent from Denali to the landfill than the year before!   Since the project began in 2014, visitation to the park has increased 20%.   Welcoming more visitors and generating less trash is progress we can all celebrate and support.